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The Promise of “The Internet of Money”

One of the grand promises of Blockchain technology is the concept of “the internet of money or value.” I'll weigh in on where we are and explore whether this real or a distraction. If you’re interested in learning why large banks, tech giants, governments, start-ups and investors are getting involved at alarming rates, this is your talk.

Valley’s 1% Problem and America’s Gap In Innovation Infrastructure

In today’s crowded startup ecosystem, a new company that can’t make inroads outside the Silicon Valley bubble is bound to fail. That’s a trend that’s likely to accelerate in upcoming years. Most of today’s fast-growing tech companies are created by and for a small, affluent, urban population — the 1 percent. But these users’ share of the market is contracting.

How to Growth Hack Your Startup

In today’s crowded startup environment, if you have traction, investors will pay attention. But getting traction as an early stage startup is one of the hardest things to do.

Learn how to: attract and engage users.

  • convert users into paying customers.
  • increase awareness for your brand.
  • find influencers and get noticed.
  • and more!

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